How We Can Help You Provide Professional Salon Services In Your Community

Start a Salon at Your Facility

We at John Anthony Salon will provide professional caring and compassionate personal that will establish a professional salon environment within your senior community. We have established salons in many high-end communities throughout the metropolitan area. Our expertise in working in senior communities can be from inception of the community or replacing what you have in place that is not working for your benefit as you would expect. We ensure our staff will provide a salon environment I know you will be proud to be associated with. Contact us at your earliest convenience so we may assist you in bringing John Anthony Salon into your community.

Here to Help You & Your Residents


By maintaining direct involvement in operations John Anthony Salon is here to assist you in bringing a professional salon into you community. Our stylists are seasoned professional cosmetologist. We at John Anthony Salon can assure that our stylists have been vetted with background checks, abuse and dementia training most importantly Covid 19 compliance with the CDC guidelines and state cosmetology rules. We provide all licensing and insurance pertaining to the state of Michigan cosmetology rules and regulations required to operate a safe salon.


At John Anthony Salon we know a professional, friendly environment can make a substantial positive difference for your residents. We strive to ensure this in each of our locations. By doing this we are fully licensed and insured. One of the building blocks of a business relationship with John Anthony Salon is guaranteeing your community and your residents know you are in professional hands.


John Anthony Salon makes it easy for families to communicate the needs of their loved one’s salon services. In compliance with the CDC we accept credit card payments directly to us without exchanging cards on site. Our Website allows families to communicate directly with our staff. They can request an appointment, provide payment or ask a question concerning the residents services. To make life just a little easier. we have created a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Facilities That Trust Us

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